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Tag 2.0.2
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    An EditableWebData represents an Editable value, along with WebData.

    Similar to the example in Gizra/elm-storage-key lets imagine a Todo list that can be edited. And lets assume that while a todo item is being edited, or while it's being saved, we'd like to keep showing the original value.

    Here's a pattern we may use to solve this:

    import EveryDictList
    import StorageKey
    type alias TodoItem =
    {-| Wrap our `TodoItem` with `EditableWebData`, thus making it have the ability
    of having an "original" vs "new" values, and also maintain the `WebData` state.
    type alias EditableWebDataTodoItem =
        EditableWebData TodoItem
    {-| The TodoItem ID is type safety.
    type TodoItemId
        = TodoItemId Int
    {-| We wrap the `ArticleId` with the `StorageKey`.
    type alias StorageKeyTodoItem =
        StorageKey TodoItem
    {-| We use `EveryDictList` as we want to maintain the order of the items.
    type alias EveryDictListTodoItems =
        EveryDictList StorageKeyArticle EditableWebDataTodoItem
    type alias Todo =
        { label : String
        , items : EveryDictListTodoItems


    elm-package install Gizra/elm-editable-webdata


    Install packages: npm install -g elm-test elm-verify-examples

    Execute tests: ./execute-tests